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SEO Solutions for
A Vehicle Shipping Company

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Vehicle Shipping Company

A leading Vehicle Shipping Company.

Based in UK, our client is a leading Vehicle Shipping Company that offers the best methods for the transport of vehicles to various countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and South Sudan. With 10+ years of experience, they specialise in Vehicle Shipping services to East Africa.


Problems & Challenges Faced By Them

  • Organic traffic drop due to increasing competition.
  • Identifying complex technical fixes for better SEO.
  • Poor engagement ratio from Searchers / Website Visitors.
  • Fixing the increased bounce rate of the website.
  • Identifying the root cause for the drop in rankings.
  • Efficient Keyword Research to bring rankings back up.
  • Improving Domain/Page Authority of the website.
  • Keeping up-to-date with ever-evolving SEO Trends.

Solutions Provided By Us

With increasing competition in the Shipping industry, our client had witnessed a gradual drop in their organic traffic as well as keyword rankings. Our team analyzed and identified reasons for Google to push down our client’s website in the SERP; that had to do with Google’s latest changes in its algorithms. We created a mile-stone-based strategy to improve their SEO results. Technical Analysis and Content Gap Analysis were at the top of the funnel in the strategy, which helped envision a clear roadmap for this campaign. Our rigorous implementation of the strategy helped the client recover traffic as well as keyword rankings significantly.

Technical SEO Audit & Fixes

As per our analysis, we identified 68 technical issues in the website that were hampering the client’s organic SEO. After fixing those issues, we saw a massive improvement in the website health score (improved from 36% to 100%). Our team also recommended and implemented some critical changes in content on the website to align with Google’s algorithms. These improvements helped the client recover their organic traffic by 124% and keyword rankings by 96%.

Link Building

We weren’t surprised to learn that the client had lost 2800+ backlinks over a period of time. Regaining those backlinks and building new ones was one of our prime objectives in terms of their off-page SEO activities. Our team had outreached to 5,243 bloggers and influencers which helped us generate over 1,510 backlinks over a period of time. These backlinks not only helped the client recover its organic traffic but also increased their inquiries through the website by 76%.

Website Speed Optimization

Our analysis clearly indicated that the website visitors couldn’t complete their actions due to the slow website loading speed. There were a number of technical aspects in order to improve their website loading speed. We worked on each and every aspect with minute details and the website speed improved significantly; it was 98% on the desktop and 86% on mobile. Within a week after website speed optimization, the user engagement rate improved by 256% which contributed to the increase in inquires through the website.

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