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Digital Marketing Solutions for
A Fintech Startup

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One of the leading Fintech startups based in UK.

Our client is an online money transfer service provider that offers a fast, reliable & secure platform for people to send money to their loved ones.


Problems & Challenges Faced By Them

  • Identifying root causes for the organic traffic decline and fixing them.
  • Auditing and fixing broken internal and external links.
  • Improving Domain/Page Authority of the website.
  • Declined conversions and transactions through the website/app.
  • Poor online visibility of the brand/service.
  • Effective Audience Targeting on Social Media platforms.
  • Running and optimizing PPC campaigns to boost conversions.
  • Creating winning ad copies and creatives that connect with the audience.

Solutions Provided By Us

The client’s competitors were way ahead of the race and we had to deliver convincing and future-proof solutions and strategies. Our Team took enough time to thoroughly research every aspect of competitors and their strategies to beat them. We reviewed our client’s services and developed a well-defined customer journey for online money transfer services. We also created multiple buyer persona’s to understand the behaviour of their audience. Our Digital Marketing solutions not only helped the client improve their visibility online but also increase their conversions significantly!

SEO Campaign

Based on our thorough website audit, we identified the website had multi-faceted SEO issues that prevented search engines to crawl and index the website properly. In order to fix them, we designed a strategic plan covering various aspects right from keyword mapping to fixing content gaps to fixing serious technical issues. Apart from this, out of 1,586 broken links, we were able to regain 1,254 links which helped improve referral traffic by 472%. Our SEO activities helped the client improve organic traffic from 9,706 to 34,553 (improvement by over 356%), increasing conversions by 152%

PPC Campaign

Since the client wanted to ramp up their visibility for some select keywords quickly, our team had come up with an effective Google Ads PPC campaign strategy for them. Being a competitive niche, we had had thoroughly researched keywords and created winning Ad copies for their services. Our Ads directly connected with the audience that were searching for online money transfer services across the globe. As a result, their CTR (Click Through Rate) improved by 257% and CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) decreased by 326%, increasing PPC conversions by 214%.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Our client’s competitors had a great reach of thousands of impressions with an engagement rate of 3.9%. And our goal was to beat them on Social Media platforms. Our team analyzed 36+ leading money transfer companies based in the UK and reviewed their tactics on Social Media platforms. We created “out of the box” ad creatives and ad copies, covering key pain areas that weren’t covered by the competitors, which helped the targeted audience quickly connect with the ads. Our campaigns improved our client’s Reach by 521% with an engagement rate of 4.3%, increasing Social Media conversions by 196%.

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