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Google BERT Update – e-Intelligence Blog

Google BERT Update: Everything to Know So Far

Last week, Google introduced the BERT update to its search ranking system. A small change, designed to understand natural language queries, seems necessary now. While Google stated that it impacts 1 in 10 queries. However, the SEO and several other tracking tools missed the update
September Google Core Update

It’s Here, the Google Core Update: September 2019!

Google once again has released a statement suggesting a core update, named September 2019 to avoid any confusion as it happened with the March update. Take a look at what Google said: This is a pre-announcement, a second time after the June 2019 core update,
Google Core Update(June 2019): Everything You Need to Know

Google Core Update(June 2019): Everything You Need to Know

What was it: With the new update that Google released, they made it clear that it has become ever so essential for businesses to post quality content rather than just plain basic information that might not even help the searchers. Timeline: The Google Core Update

The “What! No way!” Facts About Google

Bet You Didn’t Know More Than Half of Them Google has become synonymous with the word: the Internet. From the time your toe touches the floor in the morning until you fall asleep at night, your exposure to Google is inevitable. If you’re a consumer,

Infographic: Google Search Engine Result Page Changes Timeline

Google rolls out several changes each year to its SERPs. In this infographic, we look at the year-by-year evolution of Google’s search engine results page and highlight the most important changes every year since the time when it was just a research project at Stanford.

Google Penguin 3.0 Recovery Roadmap

“What’s black and white and scary?” No, we ain’t talking about a Ghostface! If you’re an SEO industry insider, you probably would’ve guessed the answer already. Yes, we are talking about the bird in the tux. Quite clearly, whoever said that it’s practically impossible to
google panda

Are You Thick Enough To Survive Google Panda 4.1?

Think Panda’s a shy animal? Well, think again! This particular panda doesn’t much believe in keeping a low profile. So, those of you who thought that this mighty creature’s been swallowed up by the search giant, this story might let you down a bit. Here’s
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