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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Guidebook 2018

The Ultimate Automotive Digital Marketing Guidebook 2018

The automotive industry, today, is facing a massive storm! Because of three major factors: 1. The cut-throat competition 2. The technology penetration 3. The increasingly empowered consumers These three forces have left the auto dealers with no choice but to innovate. To adapt to the
Digital Marketing for Hotel Industry

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Guidebook for the Hotel Industry

DISCLAIMER: Buy yourself a bigger welcome mat before you start reading this guidebook,because you’re going to need one pretty soon! Like other niches, the hoteliers are adapting to an all-new ‘digital-native’ generation of tourists,travelers and guests. Not only the Millennials, online consumers of all ages

Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2015

Alright, so it’s that time of the year again! With only about a month and a half left for us in 2014, obviously we need to start looking at the upcoming trends that will shape our marketing initiatives and functionally enhance business-in-general, in 2015. Over
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