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Author: E-intelligence


SEO during COVID-19 Crisis to Build Your Brand!

With the coronavirus pandemic spreading, the fear and anxiety in people are spreading faster than the disease itself. People are worried not only about their lives but their livelihood as well. It is challenging for many businesses to survive in this global crisis. They are

Google Ads Snags You Should Avoid in the New Year

Most marketers have been in situations where they feel like they’re going downhill. One day, everything is going according to plan, and then the next moment, something goes wrong. Terribly wrong, and you don’t know what to do! Life throws us into situations we did
13 Tips to Increase Snapchat Conversion Rate

13 Cool Tips to Increase Snapchat Conversion Rate

What started as a mere multimedia messaging app, is now a globally acclaimed business app. Undeniably, its growth has been noteworthy, and now marketers are using it to grow their businesses. Snapchat has been able to create a huge fan base along its route to
SEO for Brand awareness

Brand Awareness and SEO: The Relationship

In this competitive online environment, your brand needs to make some noise to make its presence felt. Here, SEO becomes more important than ever. Today, you need more than just creating a user-friendly website, gather a bunch of links, or improve SEO practices. The most
Google BERT Update – e-Intelligence Blog

Google BERT Update: Everything to Know So Far

Last week, Google introduced the BERT update to its search ranking system. A small change, designed to understand natural language queries, seems necessary now. While Google stated that it impacts 1 in 10 queries. However, the SEO and several other tracking tools missed the update
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